GoPrep for migration to S/4HANA

With the GoPrep Methodology that we devised for migration to SAP S/4HANA, which requires more than a simple system upgrade project, get prepared to launch your transformation process and complete it rapidly and accurately.

SAP S/4HANA has been developed to help companies rapidly adapt to digital transformation and thus to meet the requirements of the new era by radically simplifying business processes and IT infrastructures. When complexity is eliminated, companies can divert more workforce to innovation, rather than keeping the lights on for long hours.

With its GoPrep Methodology devised specifically for the work to be done before S/4HANA migration, GoLive ensures a right, rapid and healthy migration. With the GoPrep Methodology to be implemented under the guidance of GoLive’s experienced team, S/4HANA provides maximum benefit to the efficiency and profitability of companies.

Preparation is important in migration to S/4HANA 
It is vital for companies not to handle S/4HANA migration as a simple system upgrade project. This migration needs to be considered as an opportunity to adapt processes to new technologies and to make up for deficits.

This is where GoLive makes a difference with its GoPrep Methodology devised in the light of the company’s long-established expertise in project management and extensive experience in S/4HANA migration projects. This Methodology helps companies to prepare for the migration in the most efficient way and thus to complete it rapidly and accurately. Comprising the phases of Discovery and Design/Prototype, the GoPrep Methodology identifies fundamental works to be done before launching S/4HANA, including technical requirements. It also determines the adjustments to be made in the processes and draws the S/4HANA roadmap.

GoPrep phases and their effects on migration to S/4HANA 
Discovery phase of the GoPrep Methodology examines the suitability of existing of software and hardware to SAP HANA. By using standardized reports based upon SAP’s best practices, the system is reviewed in line with the requirements for S/4HANA.

Design/Prototype phase of the GoPrep Methodology comprises three stages, namely High-Level Modelling, Proof of Concept (PoC), and Determining the Application Architecture, an these offer the greatest value to companies. During this phase, existing processes are compared to those of S/4HANA and differences are identified. Processed identified by the project team are implemented on the GoLive Prototype system that runs on the latest SAP HANA version to prove the accuracy of the design. Thus, potential errors in the design are seen before the project phase and necessary corrections are made. Users can thus use the latest versions on GoLive Prototype systems and improve their experience. In addition, innovative solutions that companies may benefit from by migrating to S/4HANA are also suggested in this phase. 

Companies planning to migrate to S/4HANA get better prepared to digital transformation thanks to the GoPrep Methodology devised with the experience and expertise of GoLive.