İçdaş digitalizes its transportation processes with GoLive

World’s leading iron and steel company İçdaş successfully completed the SAP Transportation Management project with the consultancy of GoLive to optimize and efficiently plan its transportation operations. As the first of its kind and a reference project in the iron and steel industry, the project aims to digitalize transportation planning, ensure detailed monitoring of costs and expenses in transportation processes, achieve vehicle and route optimization, and integrate Vehicle Tracking System.
Counting on the experience of GoLive as the SAP partner with the greatest number of SAP TM projects, İçdaş implemented SAP Transportation Management (TM), SAP Portal and SAP Fiori. Extensive know-how of GoLive consultants on SAP products and modules were beneficial in the integration of solutions.
With the project, İçdaş started to define the contract terms for the transportation services provided to customers on the system and monitor transportation costs even in the planning phase. Thanks to access to detailed information on vehicles, cost distribution of each transportation operation can be reported accurately and instantly. GoLive Vehicle Tracking System integrates location data into SAP and enables calculation of journey durations based upon real data. Thus, more exact transportation planning has become possible.
Thanks to vehicle optimization that enables selection of the most appropriate vehicle, vehicle occupancy rates have increased. The project also enabled route optimization and as the best route is identified by the system, time and cost savings are achieved. In the next stage of the project, after taking land transportation under control, İçdaş plans to include maritime and railroad transportation operations into the system.