Kat Mekatronik improved warehouse processes with GoLive

KAT Mekatronik completed the SAP integration of its warehouse automation system with GoLive consultancy.

Bringing its production facilities in various locations together in a single building, KAT Mekatronik selected SAP Warehouse Management (WM) solution to address new communication requirements that emerged with this transformation. First planned as a warehouse process, the project has then been extended to cover production approvals as well. The objective of the project was to perform more efficient and effective operations during the transfer of materials between production lines on different floors and the transfers with the main warehouse. KAT Mekatronik also aimed to give production approvals automatically via robotic warehouse.

Thanks to its expertise in logistics processes, GoLive analyzed the requests correctly, offered the most logical solutions and created a robotic warehouse system that operates in integration with all modules. The project eliminated the need for pallet, forklift and elevator use to meet the materials requests of production areas. As materials are transferred between floors by automatic robots, potential workplace accident risks are reduced to zero. KAT Mechatronics obtained 100% inventory accuracy by designing all entry and exit processes of goods on the basis of RF and bar code reading.

In addition to monitoring all transactions on the robotic warehouse with the user RF number and warehouse operator code, such information became instantly accessible thanks to keeping the warehouse management transport orders on the SAP system. SAP inventory taking process was designed on the robotic warehouse and enabled inventory data of 7,284 addresses to be kept on the system and analyzed retrospectively