Şişecam Chemicals Maintenance and Repair Digital Transformation Project

As one of the four business lines of Şişecam Group, Şişecam Chemicals operates in soda and chromium chemicals, industrial raw materials, glass fiber, Vitamin K3 derivatives, and sodium metabisulphite. Continuing its production in more than 20 facilities in 5 countries, the company successfully represents the Şişecam Group in chemicals, minerals and glass fiber industries globally.

Maintenance and repair processes are critical steps in the digitalization of Şişecam. Therefore, Şişecam Chemicals implements the SAP PM module to manage maintenance and repair processes, benefiting from GoLive's expertise in the area. With the “Şişecam Chemicals Maintenance and Repair Digital Transformation Project”, maintenance and repair processes will be managed via new interfaces developed by GoLive by using the standard structure of the SAP PM module. In addition, managers will be able to monitor all factories real-time and ensure minimization of failures and interruptions in productions via dashboards to be developed by GoLive. 

Project KPIs are as follows: 

  • Reducing incidental downtime of all machines and equipment
  • Implementing planned maintenance methods
  • Implementing effective and protective incidental maintenance methods
  • Measuring employee, equipment and system performance
  • Measuring downtime and examining root causes 
  • Improvements in process and energy efficiency
  • Effective workforce planning and workforce savings
  • Building a common maintenance warehouse monitoring system
  • Effective use of inventory 
  • Creating a central management system
  • Building a decision support mechanism for managers by using methods such as dashboards, reporting and analysis tools
  • Equipment maintenance management in all auxiliary facilities and systems