Tat Gıda and Düzey Pazarlama warehouse processes entrusted to Golive

Tat Gıda, Turkey’s leading food company that also comprises the brands Tat, SEK and Pastavilla, and Düzey Pazarlama, distributor of many leading brands, will start running SAP S/4HANA as of January 2018 with the Atlantis Project. This is the first project to employ SAP S/4HANA Embedded EWM.
Included in S/4HANA with the 1610 release, the EWM module will be implemented by GoLive within the scope of the Atlantis project to optimize the management of processes at a shipment center, 12 product warehouses, and 6 packaging warehouses. Kicked off in January 2017, the Atlantis Project will enable managing all processes of product and packaging material warehouses via handheld terminals on EWM. 

SAP S/4HANA Embedded EWM integration will eliminate manual operations and ensure efficiency in processes. Pallet and material controls will be performed via handheld terminals and thus, shipment error rates will be minimized.

EWM module ensures optimum management of inventories on shelves and in piles and easier performance tracking of employees within the warehouse. Enabling loading the goods to be sent to customers in the appropriate order per transportation operation and per truck, the module also performs incubation, quality and blocked inventory tracking.

Thanks to the project implemented with the consultancy of GoLive, Tat Gıda and Düzey Pazarlama manage expiration date rules via the solution and ensure easy calculation and identification of the appropriate inventory to be sent. Packaging materials required by the production department are automatically delivered to the warehouse, collected from the warehouse in accordance with the identified strategies, and then transferred to production.