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GoLive Solution Packages

GoLive Solution Packages (value-added mobile & ERP solutions that are developed in line with the needs of many customers’ requirements) are compatible with business processes, enriched with best practices and they are ready to use with quick implementations.

GoLive is not only a solution partner, but also as a software development company with On-Site R&D certification.
GoLive Solution Packages are developed via expertise gathered from many transformation, business and development projects, that reflects the best of breed parts of implementation experience of business processes of many industry leading customers of the company.
With mobile usage and cloud-based access, from end-to-end logistics management to finance, asset management to field management, GoLive Package Solutions enable companies to get the most benefit from their investments as quickly as possible using and combining the power of digitalization and business process best practices.

If you are looking for ready-to-use solutions that offer mobile use and cloud-based access to your specific needs and processes, without having to deal with long-term projects, you may soon be looking for you.