GoLive Solution Packages - GoAsset - Asset Management System


The GoAsset package solution, integrated with the SAP PM and SAP FI-AA modules, maintains consistency between the accounting records by providing a perfect match & comparison of fixed assets.

It is of great importance for companies to realize the inventory of fixed assets effectively, in terms of auditability and smooth functioning of accounting records. Developed as a product of GoLive's R & D activities, the GoAsset Asset Management System integrates easily with the ERP, PM, MM and FI-AA modules of SAP ERP.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices on the SAP Fiori screens, GoAsset records all operations by reading barcode and taking photos. The reporting of the recorded record is also performed through the same application.


Product Benefits

Easy installation thanks to the integrated structure with existing ERP solutions

- SAP Fiori-based, user-friendly mobile interface

- End-to-end integrated solution

- Wide and clear reporting screens

- Field integration with SAP integration

- Catalog list that simplifies first counting steps

- User-friendly data entry with copy feature


Asset Counting processes get faster

With GoAsset, the approval of executives for processes such as embezzlement, transfer and scrap can be done by mobile devices. The creation of material catalogs allows you to select the relevant material immediately from the catalog during the counting. This accelerates the counting process.

In the first count with GoAsset, equipment master data of the inventories is generated and matching with the relevant hierarchical structure is provided. In subsequent counts, the required reports are instantly presented to the user and then shared with the administrators directly via the application.

Users in the field complete the process such as barcoding, adding new inventory and matching the barcode of equipment in the current system via GoAsset Mobile App. Easier methods are already embedded in GoAssets such as copying the original inventry when more than one of the same inventory should be created etc. So that users can save time during the process.