GoLive Solution Packages - GoAudit - Audit Management System

Companies with reseller channels prefer GoAudit application developed with GoLive's expertise, to facilitate the auditing process of dealers across Turkey. Companies can prepare the questions they will ask in audits for the dealer type and then follow up the revisions on the same platform. GoAudit compiles the list of questions and prepares audit guides according to the type of dealer and facilitates the preparation of the audit.

The process managers who can follow the managers of the dealers and perform approval and rejection of transactions on the same screen, can perform the field inspections via the mobile application and record each step with visuals. Pre-reports prepared by GoAudit are quickly shared with the dealer. In-house questions can be answered by supervisors of the relevant departments. Back office managers can also inspect the field inspections via GoAudit and complete the necessary modifications.

Objections to dealers detected in the audit are sent to parties via GoAudit, and the dealer objections can be answered. These objections can then be checked by the Dealer Control Department and the final decision can be made. KPIs can also be analyzed via GoAudit, which allows you to more easily and quickly prepare all reporting on auditing processes.

With the help of this collaboration environment all transactions ve the processes become visible to whole parties and can be easilty feeded and completed via nice user interfaces accesssible all the time.


Product Benefits

-  Easy and simple data entry with SAP Fiori interface(web-mobile)

- Recording all steps and ending with Excel

- Instantaneous monitoring of all audit processes

- More transparent inspection process

- Creating KPIs with reliable data

- All steps can be integrated with each other through network diagrams

- Increased company reliability