GoLive Solution Packages - GoCockpit - Supply Chain Management System

Logistics managers are able to monitor complex shipping processes instantly via the GoCockpit application, and manage them easily and achieve reliable delivery performance.

As shipping operations grow, managing tens of trucks from a single center becomes a tough job. Developed by GoLive as a SAP Fiori-based application, the GoCockpit Supply Chain Management System makes it easy for logistic managers to make it possible to track all transport operations on a single map. Role-based definitions can be made and the burden of management can be distributed to the sublevels.

With GoCockpit, logistics managers can track each shipping step and track orders and deliveries to the parties. They can see the location information of their vehicles on the map and learn the estimated time of arrival of the orders. The order that is being loaded to the vehicles are also type of information served to the logistics manager as well as orders that hasn’t been shipped

With GoCockpit and the information provided from the field, logistics managers have full visibility on their logistics operations.


Product Benefits

-  Ensuring high level traceability by following the shipments instantly

-  Faster intervention of potential problems

- Fast information transfer to customers about their orders

- Reliable delivery performance

- Compatible with other GoLive applications to create an end-to-end integrated logistics solution (GoDrive – GoCockpit