GoLive Solution Packages - GoDrive - Transportation Management System

The GoDrive mobile app, developed for seamless digital communication between the logistics operations center and the field(drivers) throughout the shipping process, increases the traceability by providing instant sharing of realtime shipping information.

In Land Transportation Processes, it is very important to maximize the occupancy rate of trucks. It is necessary to effectively monitor the status of each transport. With the GoDrive Mobile App developed by GoLive with its expertise in logistics processes, drivers and transport operations are mobilized and connected to the logistics center in real time.

With GoDrive, the most efficient route for each truck is shared with the driver. The driver can follow the plan and the related points on the map and see the route estimates and the arrival time forecasts. Thus, they use the most efficient route to go to the destination point. Freight tracking, plate tracking and shipping performance information are served through the "planned" and "realized" status data coming from GoDrive. In this way, the drivers’ performance will be more easily calculated.

Every route change for the trucks is immediately informed to the headquarters’ logistics center. With the help of photos taken directly on the field via the application, documents such as delivery note, accident photo and penalty receipt are sent to the center instantly and stored for future analysis and usage


Product Benefits

-  Delivery of planned route information to the drivers and subsequent tracking of freight and plate follow-up

Accurate calculation of costs in light of real-time data

Monitoring of planned and actual transportation times, taking necessary measures

- More accurate and easy calculation of driver premiums

- Record the data received from the field in electronic media for later analysis

- Drivers can easily add documents such as waybill, penalty receipt from the field to the system by using mobile application