GoLive Solution Packages - GoExpense - Cost Management System

Track and manage your company expenses with GoExpense through user-friendly interfaces.

Expenses are one of the most important parts of profitability that needs to be managed effectively for the companies. As business grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of personnel expenses, to distribute by department and transaction volume and to set limits. GoLive responds to these needs with its own GoExpense Cost Management solution.

With GoExpense, which makes cost entries much faster and easier, it is possible to track personnel costs and the approval status of each cost. Incorrect records are rearranged with one click. According to the amount and department, different approval strategies can be determined. Business managers control cost limits through GoExpense. Integrated control of the solution with budget management provides end-to-end comprehensive control.

GoExpense, which is manageable through the screens of all mobile devices as well as computers via the SAP Fiori platform, enables corporate managers to access the system 24/7 for the cost approval.


Product Benefits

-  More efficient and easy management of costs with user-friendly displays (mobile – web)

User based approval process and integration into budget solution

- Ease of use via mobile devices

- Automation in HR and HR integration

- Up to 40% performance improvement in workload