GoLive Solution Packages - GoField - Energy Field Management System


GoField Solution (Web & Mobile) minimizes manual data entry by gathering a comprehensive overview of on-site teams and devices on a single screen. Thanks to powerful ERP integration, GoField ensures efficiency and consistency, providing correct field data to the  reporting and management systems.

GoField provides a fully integrated mobile solution to the existing ERP infrastructure, enabling you to manage field workforce management operations via a map-based display. With GoField, which allows you to transfer instant data to the system faster on the go, administrators can make more accurate decisions based on real and instant data. The managers who follow the instant locations of the teams through the GoField Energy Field Management System can thus distribute an efficient workforce.

GoField, which can be integrated with SCADA, PLC, CBS, Call Center Software, Subscriber Management Systems and other public services, makes critical data entries easier than ever with its user-friendly mobile screens. GoField, which can work online and offline, does not require any additional installation because it uses standard master data and transaction data thanks to SAP integration. Field operations such as stock movements, labor confirmation are integrated with the MM and CO modules of SAP ERP. In this way, all operations are performed instantly on the central system.

GoField is able to collect data entries in a much easier and more consistent way than the manual entry in the field, creates automated reports on the SAP BO using this data and monitors the KPI. In light of the data obtained, equipment, operators and teams that do not operate in full efficiency are easily identified and necessary precautions are taken.


Product Benefits

- Monitoring and managing different types of works & orders from multiple sources on one screen

Instant updating of integrated systems with mobile software and thus preventing data inconsistency

- Minimizing manual data entry and minimizing erroneous operations

- Real update of inventory and accounting records with PM, MM and CO integration

- Reduction in OPEX costs

- Easier and simple order types

- Dynamic screen design based on order type