GoLive Solution Packages - GoInvoice - Invoice Management System


Purchasing and accounting departments have full control over all invoices with GoInvoice.

Incoming invoice management is a business process which needs to work meticulously on accounting and purchasing departments due to both the workload and legal obligation. The GoInvoice Solution, enables the these departments to work in harmony with each other. GoInvoice lets users to monitor – execute invoice data entry process, responsible party information and approval of the invoices by authorized persons on a single screen.

If there is a difference between the incoming invoice and the data in the system, GoInvoice automatically displays the difference of the system bottom as a warning and reflects the amount or price difference at the invoice entry. Such mapping errors can be easily solved via SAP Fiori-based, user-friendly screens.

Paper based invoices are also handled by GoInvoice via taking photos and added to the system. Services invoices, shipping invoices and other types of  invoices are also processed via the application with workflows.


Product Benefits

-  Ensuring that incoming invoices cannot be added to the system before it is controlled and verified by necessary departments. 

- Ensuring that correct values are reflected to the system (no quantity and pricing difference) via automation

- Up to 80% faster, more reliable and controlled invoice process with suppliers' compliance to the system