GoLive Solution Packages - GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution

GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution helps you to increase on-time delivery rate of sales orders, decrease stock and transportation costs, manage warehouse processes more efficiently. All of these can be carried out end-to-end in one system without any integration. All processes can be tracked from ordering until the end of delivery with mobile solutions and real time information.


Benefits of the solution

• All stakeholders of the supply chain work on the same system
• Increase customer service levels & satisfaction
• Reduce stock costs
• Effective warehouse management
• Usage of real time data on operational and decision-making processes
• Operational efficiency with mobility and visual interfaces
• Reduce transportation costs
• Reduced costs and project time; thanks to a preconfigured, ready-to-run solution
• Elimination of  risk through proven reference solution architecture and comprehensive process support

GoLive's solution to end-to-end logistics process: GoLogistics 
GoLive has created GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution with its expertise in the development of business applications and the process expertise of successful projects carried out in the previous years. With GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution, all processes from ordering  to customer delivery are optimized.

The GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution covers the entire process from the order creation to warehouse management and the delivery of the products to the customer under the logistics umbrella. GoLogistics  is presented as a ready-to-install package solution, and improved with expertise of consultants by many successful implementations.

GoLogistics gets its power from SAP S/4 HANA, manages orders, stocks, warehouse and transportation processes in the best way and increases customer order fulfillment ratios, while minimizing inventory and shipping costs. Moreover, it is possible to perform all these operations in a single end-to-end system without any integration and mobile support.

Just start your tests in two to four weeks
With ready-to-use applications and sample data, GoLive offers its customers a live-to-use environment, enabling GoLogistics to pass the test phase within 2-4 weeks with customer sample data transfer. With the help of  ready-to-use business process documentation, configuration guide and test scenarios, the total project duration is 4 to 8 months.

In addition to standard processes, easily incorporate advanced logistics and mobiles functions
The GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution is designed as a comprehensive system that combines the powerful SAP S/4HANA modules of SAP with GoLive's industry-specific and customized solution components.
GoLogistics, starting with administrative ERP which covers basic finance, procument, stock management; also covers order management with advanced logistics solutions of SAP S/4HANA:
Embedded AATP - Advanced Availability Control, Embedded TM - Transportation Management and EWM – Extended Warehouse Management.
In addition, GoLive's unique mobile solution packs, GoCockpit, GoDrive and GoTrack provide additional functionality that adds a significant value for the mobilization and digitalization of the processes.

GoLogistics Solution Components

GoLogistics includes SAP S/4HANA standard finance, stock, procurement processes and order management with the following advanced logistics and mobile solutions:

1- AATP Advanced Available to Promise
Provides Order and Stock Mapping with flexible conditions, Allocation Management, Quality Stock/Expiration Date Category Management, Management of Sales Orders and Stock Transport Orders..

2- TM Transportation Management
Route and Vehicle Optimization,Planning through Gannt Chart and Map, Calculating Transportation Costs, Settlement Process for Carrier, Integration of Transportation Charges and Profitability, Calculating Driver Bonuses..

3- EWM Extended Warehouse Management
Goods Issue-Goods Receive Optimization, Inventory Process, Automatic Warehouse Integration, Yard Management, Invoicing of Warehouse Services, Labor Management, Internal Warehouse Process..

4- Mobile Solutions

GoDrive (for Drivers)
Forwarding work orders to the drivers via mobile application, ability to track live locations of vehicles, propose route on the map, capability of attaching photo/documents to the orders.

GoCockpit (for Logistics Managers)
Ability to Monitor Transportation Work Orders on the Map, Accesibility of Transportation Details on the Map, Visibility of Planning and Actualizing Transportation Performances

GoTrack(for Customers & Dealers)
Mobile app to share current order/freight information with customer realtime (cancellation, status, waiting order information)  

Pick from one of our packaged offerings below. Modular implementation available

Function Silver Gold Platinium
Administrative ERP: Financial Accounting / Controlling / Materials & Order Management
Transportation Management
Order Scheduling / Advanced ATP  
Extended Warehouse Management  

*with advanced functionality
Compatible version starting from S/4HANA 1709 with scalable architecture

Deployment Time: 4 months
Includes; SAP S/4HANA License (25 users)
SAP TM License
GoDrive Mobile Solution
Consulting Services

Package Prices From: 280.000  EUR
Deployment Time: 6 months
Includes; SAP S/4HANA License (50 users)
SAP TM, EWM, AATP License  
GoDrive and GoTrack Mobile Solutions
Consulting Services

Package Prices From: 710.000  EUR
Deployment Time: 8 months
Includes; SAP S/4HANA License (100 users)
GoDrive, GoCockpit and GoTrack Mobile Solutions
Consulting Services

Package Prices From: 975.000 EUR

Industries including Consumer Products, Energy, Mill Products, Chemicals..