GoLive Solution Packages - GoLogistics - Logistics Management System


GoLogistics provides cost saving, more efficient control  on orders and customer satisfaction by managing logistics processes end-to-end from sales distribution to storage and delivery to the customer. 

The cost of transport is one of the major expenditure items of many companies, while the inefficient use of operational assets causes these costs to increase even more. In fact, only half of the trucks working in the European Union are fully loaded. Moreover, the fact that companies cannot monitor their incoming and outgoing loads instantly plays an important role in the delay of many critical decisions.

However, very small improvements and productivity gains in warehousing and transportation processes have a significant positive effect on the company's overall income-expenses. A more efficient, end-to-end solution, which will increase the load rate of trucks, provides great benefit to pulling operational expenses.



Product Benefits

All stakeholders of the supply chain work on the same system

- Cash flow improvement and more efficient costing

- Save up to 20% on freight expenses

- Reduce costs and project time with pre-configured, ready-to-work solution

- Elimination of risk through proven reference solution architecture and comprehensive process support

- Ability to test all processes from end to end with your own data

- 8-12 weeks project duration

GoLive solution package to this problem : GoLogistics 

GoLive has created GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution with its expertise in the development of business applications and the process expertise of dozens of successful projects carried out in the previous years. With GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution, all processes from order to customer delivery are optimized.

The GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution covers the entire process from the order creation to warehouse management and the delivery of the product to the customer under the logistics umbrella. It includes the most critical business processes of the company in every industry. GoLogistics  is presented as a ready-to-install package solution, and improved with expertise of consultants by many successful implementations.

GoLogistics gets its power from SAP S / 4 HANA, manages order, stock, warehouse and transportation processes in the best way and increases customer order fulfillment ratios, while minimizing inventory costs and shipping costs. Moreover, it is possible to perform all these operations in a single end-to-end system without any integration.

Just start your tests in two to four weeks

With ready-to-use applications and sample data, GoLive offers its customers a live-to-use environment, enabling GoLogistics to pass the test phase within 2-4 weeks with customer sample data transfer. With the help of  ready-to-use business process documentation, configuration guide and test scenarios, the total project duration is less than 12 weeks.

The success of the proven reference solution architecture as well as the comprehensive process support provided by GoLive consultants eliminate all risks associated with the project. Customers have the opportunity to test their processes with their own data.

How does digitalization in transport benefit?

With GoLogistics, companies achieve high business efficiency through automated transactions, electronic collaboration with suppliers, and integration via digital supply chain infrastructure. While saving up to 20% in freight expenses, cash flow is improved and more cost effective. GoLogistics transforms the transportation operations of companies into a central and standardized structure. In this way, customer service level improvement is achieved, business managers can access real-time analysis to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Easily incorporate additional functions

The GoLogistics Advanced Logistics Solution was designed as a comprehensive system that combines the powerful SAP S / 4HANA modules of SAP with GoLive's industry-specific and customized solution packages. GoLogistics, starting with SAP S / 4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD) solution, SAP S / 4HANA Embedded AATP - Advanced Availability Control, SAP S / 4HANA Embedded TM - Transport Management and SAP S / 4HANA Embedded EWM - Advanced Warehouse Management modules. In addition, GoLive's unique mobile solution packs, GoCockpit, GoDrive and GoTrack provide additional functionality that adds a significant added value.

The functions of the modules and solutions that combine under the roof of GoLogistics:

AATP Advanced Availability Control

Order-stock matching, allocation management, composite order management, stock quality / category management, customer orders and stock transport order management according to flexible rules

TM Transport Management

Route and vehicle optimization, Gantt Chart and planning with map, shipping cost calculation, and monitoring of shipping processes

EWM Advanced Warehouse Management

  • Goods Issue-Goods Receive Optimization
  • Inventory Process
  • Automatic Warehouse Integration
  • Yard Management
  • Invoicing of Warehouse Services
  • Labor Management
  • Internal Warehouse Process


For the logistics managers & team - Tracking of the transport orders on the map realtime , accessing the transportation details on the map, monitoring the planned and actual transportation performances, calculation of driver bonuses with the the data coming from the GoDrive application and ERP System.


For drivers –route recommendations and transport orders are forwarded to drivers with mobile application; drivers follow the route instantly. Drivers let the headquarters regarding the location, delivery status and are able to give information regarding accidents, road problems and send information with photos in order to store information and make tracking easier.


For customers and dealers – Via the mobile application location information of their order, details of orders on the road, viewing pending orders, completed orders, details of canceled orders can be followed realtime.