GoLive Solution Packages - GoMaint - Maintenance Management System

GoMaint automatically collects data and saves time and cost while minimizing human error, by carrying maintenance and repair operations to user-friendly, easy-to-understand user interfaces.

Updating and monitoring of maintenance and repair operations is facilitated by the GoMaint Maintenance Management System. Developed with GoLive expertise, GoMaint is now integrated with systems such as SCADA and PLC to automatically create work orders. Operators can manage maintenance and repair processes via the SAP Fiori-based, user-friendly screens.

GoMaint keeps the data received from the IoT devices as the measured value in the equipment master data. GoMaint uses this data in PDMS systems to warn of any possible failures. Thus, maintenance and repair costs are significantly reduced, ensuring trouble-free operation of the system.

GoMaint can be used online and offline, versions in  iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows mobile application.  Because it is built on top of fully standard master data and transactional data, the integration of GoMaint into any upgrade or digital transformation project is easier.


Product Benefits

-  Monitoring and managing different types of jobs from multiple sources on one screen

Instant updating of integrated systems with mobile software and thus preventing data inconsistency

- Minimizing manual data entry and minimizing erroneous operations

- Real update of inventory and accounting records with PM, MM and CO integration

- Reduction in OPEX costs

- Easier and simple order types

- Dynamic screen design based on order type