GoLive Solution Packages - GoTrack - Order Operation Management System


GoTrack Mobile App, which provides instant follow-up of their status of orders’ logistsics by customers, makes the whole process more transparent while increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing costs.

The most important stakeholder of the logistics process is undoubtedly the customer. Satisfying the customer, providing instant information about the product they order, not only strengthens the cooperation, but also makes transportation preparations more efficient and cost saving. The GoTrack Mobile App, which is developed by GoLive who has end-to-end expertise in logistics processes, enables customers to easily track their orders instantly.

Thanks to mobile devices and user interfaces accessible via the web; the status of orders on the road is monitored instantly and vehicle locations are monitored. The customer can view his order on the road in real time, including details such as license plate, transport type and estimated time of arrival. Delivery details and reference number are also on the same screen. In addition, the current status of pending, canceled and completed orders are also tracked through GoTrack.


Product Benefits

-  Customers can track their orders on the road

Access to status information of orders with real-time data

- Minimization of logistics costs with the help of getting information earlier and with prior preparations

- Making logistics processes more transparent for the customer

- Improvement of processes, cooperation and satisfaction

- Immediate response to problems