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Customized Customer Solutions

GoLive Customized Customer Solutions to meet the requirements unique to your industry, operations and way of doing business in end-to-end processes

Standard process-based business applications developed as solution modules do not always completely meet the requirements that may vary by industry, customer base, and employee habits. To achieve successful results, it is vital to create solutions that are in compliance with the customer-specific business processes through technology and process customization and developments.

Thanks to its expertise in processes and applications, as well as its technical experience, GoLive develops software and applications to perfectly meet the specific requirements of its customers and thus creates Customized Customer Solutions. With rational solutions to customer-specific problems, GoLive ensures successful results under all circumstances.

GoLive's vast industry experience and know-how makes it easier to identify the most appropriate technical architecture for the requirements. Receiving analysis, software and consultancy services from the same solution partner provides quick gains in a short time.

If you need customized solutions for your unique and successful business processes as well as for your goals to achieve competitive edge, GoLive's expertise in process, implementation, technology, and software development might be exactly what you need.    

GoLive Customized Customer Solutions are identified and developed in five main steps

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Technical Analysis and Technical Architecture Installation
  • Choosing the Right Infrastructure and Technology
  • 3rd Party Integration Processes
  • Selecting the Right Tools for the Project

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With its young, dynamic and expert consultants, GoLive will provide you with the most accurate solution in the fastest and most convenient way thanks to its professional approach to problems and customer-oriented understanding.