SAP Application Consultancy - SAP ERP Solutions

We ensure effective implementation of the world’s most preferred ERP solutions in finance, production, logistics, and human resources.

Detailed examination of each business process and building an integrated structure of solutions and modules that will ensure the highest benefits to each stakeholder is vital for end-to-end efficiency and an uninterrupted digital transformation. With a founding team of experienced SAP ERP consultants, GoLive uses its experience in the industry and expertise in processes to offer benefits to organizations even in the remotest end of their digital transformation processes.

GoLive supports organizations in integrating all SAP ERP modules -from finance to sales and distribution, production planning, and quality management- in the most appropriate way for corporate needs. Thanks to the careful selection of the right solutions, project implementation periods are shortened, go-live process is accelerated, and risks are eliminated.


Financial Accounting Module (SAP FI)

Equipped with simultaneous integration with SAP ERP suite, SAP FI (Financial Accounting) module ensures integrated recording and storage of enterprise data. Known as the most widely installed accounting application in Turkey, SAP FI helps corporations to issue their financial statements easily and implement legal processes effectively. Accounting departments of companies can work efficiently by fulfilling their responsibilities towards external legal/private persons, institutions, and corporations on this integrated structure. Local availability and compliance of the SAP FI module has been audited and approved by independent auditors in Turkey.


Sales and Distribution Module (SAP SD)

Sales, shipping and billing of products are among the most important processes in the digital transformation of companies. Managing these processes end-to-end and running in strong integration with other SAP ERP applications, SAP Sales and Distribution Module helps organizations to manage their critical business processes more efficiently and easily: Processes managed on a single screen via SAP SD include Sales Organization Management, Presales Activities and Marketing Processes, Sales Order Management Processes, Pricing Process, Bonus, Discount and Commission Management, Campaign Management, Promotion Management, Customer Credit Management, Shipping Management, Packaging Processes, Delivery Management, and Billing Management. In addition, reports, analyses and outcomes of all these processes are supplied via the same application.


Product Planning Module (SAP PP)

Comprising all functions required during production processes, SAP Product Planning Module ensures more efficient use of resources as well as uninterrupted and coordinated planning processes. Supporting discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, and mass production, SAP PP offers extensive planning options and facilitates the planning phase of sales and operations with a variety of breakdowns.


Quality Management Module (SAP QM)

Integrating all quality control processes on SAP ERP systems, SAP Quality Management Module ensures quality control in all processes, from production to purchasing. In addition to accelerating sample checks, SAP QM also enables quality controls in shipping, returns, contract manufacturing, and mass production. Organizations can perform certification checks, stability surveys, and iterative checks for shelf-life materials on SAP QM, as well.


Materials Management Module (SAP MM)

Costs related to surplus stocks or depleted materials are among the major unnecessary expenses of companies. SAP Materials Management Module helps companies to manage processes such as material requirement planning, purchasing, and stock management more efficiently, thus avoiding related costs. Minimizing stock losses, the module also ensures more efficient use of human resources and therefore reduces labor costs.