SAP Application Consultancy - SAP IS-U Solutions

With our unique expertise in utilities sector, we add great value to companies by making use of SAP IS-U Solution's high performance and domain specific characteristics.

The enterprise resource planning solution SAP IS-U, preferred by almost every company operating in the utilities sector in the most critical processes such as managing metering data, invoicing, accounting, customer service, is implemented in the most efficient way with GoLive's utilities sector expertise.

GoLive supports the experience gained through various projects which are a reference in the utilities sector, through Golive's extensive consultancy staff and software development tailored to the requirement of companies. Golive makes a difference in the integration of SAP IS-U requirements of electricity, gas and water distribution and retail companies of all sizes.

GoLive's specialized consultants in the utilities sector perform the SAP IS-U implementation with the highest benefit and the return on investment.

In this way, while the energy supply chain is improved, efficiency is increasing at both facilities and network level.

Thanks to the standardization and speed achieved in the processes, customer satisfaction is maximized.