SAP Application Consultancy - SAP Logistic Solutions

By combining our expertise in all processes until the product reaches the recipients with SAP’s digital supply chain vision, we offer maximum benefit to our customers.

As SAP facilitates digital transformation with its vision of “Digital Supply Chain”, GoLive benefits from its expertise in logistics processes to extend internal logistics processes to customers, branch and subcontractors, and to bring all stakeholders together on an integrated platform. Thanks to GoLive's experience in end-to-end logistics processes, SAP Transportation Management (TM), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Event Management (EM) and Advanced Available-to-Promise (AATP) products that run on SAP’s powerful ERP modules are integrated into these processes effectively.

Thus, companies can automatically determine the best routes and vehicles, minimizing transportation costs and increasing customer service level. SAP EWM reduces warehouse costs by managing all warehouse processes more efficiently. The Event Management module enables monitoring the planned and actual duration in all logistics processes, from receiving orders to delivery to customers. In addition, AATP facilitates more flexible allocation of limited stocks to customers and other warehouses.


All stakeholders of the logistics process share the same screen

GoLive’s logistics services go beyond that of a standard SAP solution partner and offer a comprehensive scope that is in perfect match with SAP’s vision. This offers companies the comfort to have a system that will continue to be compatible with innovative solutions to be developed by SAP in the future with the vision of a digital supply chain. As SAP’s logistics solutions improves internal processes, GoLive integrates customers and subcontractors into the system and makes sure that all information can be monitored by all parties on a single mobile platform.

Since parties to the logistics processes are always on the move, GoLive Advanced Logistics Solution enables data entry and process management via mobile screens.  This solution eliminates email and phone traffic among parties and enables the customers, subcontractors, and logistics teams to always monitor the orders real-time.