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Process Consulting

Golive Process Consulting Services to design more efficient and simplified business processes that are compatible with digitalization in your global and local projects

The rapid growth of competition in the information age leads to the improvement of performance in all units of the companies. The products and services demanded by customers, should be produced in the fast manner with high quality and low cost in order to create new markets, to ensure the customer satisfaction, to protect the customer loyalty.

Companies should make sustainable cooperation and solidarity  between their business departments, determine the processes correctly, manage them and make uninterrupted improvements.

We support your business with our knowledge of process expertise

GoLive provides customers with a powerful methodology based on the experience of many years of SAP consultancy as a service throughout the digital transformation process and the creation of project outputs from the top level process hierarchy to detailed process documents.

In this way, Companies use their technology more effectively and increase productivity.

Resource utilization is optimized and simplification is achieved in routine tasks.

A clearer definition of the company's objectives is ensured and through real-time tracking, both employee and customer satisfaction is ensured.

If it is important for you to improve your processes and make them more efficient as well as implementing technology in your projects do not decide before you meet Golive. 

How do you know that your company needs Process Management service?

  • If you make mistakes during the work and you need to do the same work from the beginning
  • If there are no clear process targets
  • If there is a communication gap between employees in processes
  • If new ERP systems are installed instead of legacy ERP systems
  • If there are many cross-works between business departments and problems in the processes
  • If you have employee and customer dissatisfaction
  • If employee turnover ratio is higher

Benefits of Process Management

  • The company's processes are defined. Each process has one owner. The process owner is responsible for operating the process in accordance with its objectives.
  • Processes are effective and efficient.
  • Unforeseen process points between business departments are taken under control
  • Processes, process steps, responsibilities, roles are clearly defined. Every employee can easily access this information.
  • The entire process is seen.
  • While customer satisfaction is achieved by the measurement system, the process performance can be tracked by the key performance indicators which are defined in advance. Improvements are initiated when deviations occur.

How can we help you?

With its young, dynamic and expert consultants, GoLive will provide you with the most accurate solution in the fastest and most convenient way thanks to its professional approach to problems and customer-oriented understanding.